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We at MicroDEV team thanks to our profound experience in automotive embedded software and hardware design offer proprietary and standard solutions for your requirements.

The services include Concept evaluation, Embedded SW development, Project management, HW prototyping and testing.We provide System Embedded Engineering Services to our customers – you.

Automotive embedded systems, their development and validation getmore and more complex. The product development cycle is getting shorter and shorter – a structured and standardized software platform and component-based approach could be the solution to overcome these challenges.

We augment your existing team with additional skills and increase the capacity or provide a turnkey embedded product development from beginning to the end. Our experienced team and established processes speed your time to market and reduce risk.

Rapid prototyping

HW Development / Architecture definition

Component and power dissipation evaluation

Component selection & library generation

Electrical schematics design

PCB layout design

Mechanical housing design

Manufacturing of prototypes

SW Development

SW architecture definition

Basic SW

Application SW

Test SW

Design validation and testing

Manufacturing (through a partner), testing and delivery of complete ECU

Management and Documentation

Agile/ scrum

JIRA ticketing for tracking and budgeting

Function documentation


Test & Validation

Generation of test suite Test specification

Software in Loop testing

Static and dynamic code analysis

Hardware validation

Software validation

System Integration Test & Validation

Test reports

Root-cause Analysis

Network Trace analysis

Problem management (Fishbone, Cause and Effect,…)

Long-term measurements

Performance of error analyses


Trap analysis

Optimization of existing systems

Concept Development – Feasibility study

Analysis of requirements and definition of System Requirements

System Concept documentation – System architecture

System Specification – SysML description

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