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Hardware development

MicroDEV has rich expertise in the development of both software and hardware embedded solutions related to automotive and industrial applications. Our diverse industry experience in the field of Embedded Hardware (and Custom Software) Development help to fulfill customer’s requirements.

Emulator of new Products

From Specification to Production

Architecture, Hardware Design, Mechanical Design, Software Design

Development of complete ECUs

Development of Test Automation Tool

Designing Test Equipment for Distributed Realtime System

Our Hardware Development Services include:

Platform selection

Cost targeted BOM development

PCB design / Circuit design

Prototype development & power dissipation evaluation

Implementation & Testings

Low power designs

Ready to manufacture product development

By contacting MicroDEV experts, you will be able to say “Goodbye!” to most of the problems in the implementation of your idea due to either lack of knowledge or time. Our Embedded Hardware Development team works remotely but this does not mean that you will not have control over your own project, and even vice versa! You will be our partner during the complete development process.

With MicroDEV you have a partner with one goal: to get your product designed, build, tested and fast to market.

HW Design

We cover the major steps of embedded hardware development cycle: from product selection, design and system development to the customers’ increasing demands for improved functionality. It starts from small embedded components, different microcontrollers to sophisticated embedded systems with advanced security requirements, more complex hardware, and a wide range of peripherals and I/O capabilities.

MicroDEV specializes in cost-effective embedded hardware. We have substantial expertise in 32-bit microprocessor designs and routing constraints in combination with high-speed buses and complex network interfaces. With a full staff of PCB engineers and designers, plenty of experience, and 100+ PCB assembly designs, we are more than ready to meet automotive requirements.

Mechanical Design

Housing Design

3D-CAD (Autodesk Fusion)

Rapid Prototyping

Thermal Analysis

MicroDEV HW Services

Our engineers are hardware experts who consider the views of the customer. The team also consider the price, brand, manufacturing possibilities and availability. It’s all a part of our design process. We work proactively with our design team and overseas vendors to ensure fast turnaround time.

Digital and Analog Design

Schematic / Layout

Circuit Simulation

Prototype Production

Reverse Engineering

What do we offer is new hardware development or customization of hardware solutions that are cost-effective and scalable during each stage of development. This we can say bold and our more than 20 years of experience proves it.

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