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Regardless if review of SW/HW or development according to a process. We are here TO HELP YOU.

Hardware design

Optimized schematic and PCB layout is matter of experience and practice.

sw design

SW is not only Python and Java. C++, C and assembly are still important part of embedded development.

rapid prototyping

Making emulators to finetune and demonstrate the final products.

Poc validation

Ideas do not belong only in our minds. They shall be put on the stand and proven.

we love technology

We love engineering

We contribute with best solutions focused on innovations and continuous improvement based on proven and new technologies in a collaborative way.

Work together with you towards perfection – that is our mission.




Together we go further

Number one - team

For us, appreciation and cooperation come first.
As team players, we create more than the sum of our individual parts.


We develop across teams and achieve goals together to implement cutting-edge innovations. 


We listen actively and communicate openly.
We are committed to our words and our results prove it.
Together we are better.

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