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MicroDEV has a wide experience in the design of software architecture for automotive applications following the standards and design processes. We  master competencies in providing either complete solutions or specific drivers for the Basic Software Layer, optimized for the target microcontroller based on customer  and device requirements.

Rely on our embedded software  team to deliver robust, secure, updatable, and scalable software for your RTOS-based embedded system. Our expertise spans a variety of microcontrollers (MCUs). MicroDEV supports the complete process to develop a customized software based on specific customer requirements for various families of microcontrollers from different silicon manufacturer (eg.: Infineon, NXP, Renesas, ST Microelectronics, Microchip…). Our embedded software engineering services combined with proven processes assure our clients about the quality of delivered products.

Furthermore, MicroDEV already has “off the shelf“ solutions for standard automotive microcontrollers.

AUTOSAR Stack Configuration

MicroDEV has a well-recognized experience and competency in integration of the AUTOSAR® stack (e.g.: Operating System, Memory, Communication, HW Abstraction Layer….) using the established configuration tools like Elektrobit’s Tresos and Vector’s DaVinci.

Autosar development

Following AUTOSAR best practices to meet industry standards and regulations. We develop and deliver code for plenty of automotive applications and control systems tailor-made to meet OEM requirements.

Our engineers cover all software relevant activities

Development of complex device drivers

Configuration and extension of AutoSAR and OSEK bases systems

Development and maintenance of multi-processor projects

Special Software Components

MicroDEV develops Complex Device Drivers to allow you to make the best use of specific microcontroller features combined with selected semiconductor devices which are not supported by the standard AUTOSAR® drivers.

Different microcontrollers from STM, Infineon, NXP and Renesas are supported. . Software Drivers design for on-board IC devices are supported as well.

When it comes to boot loader there are two possibilities for you – either to use the AUTOSAR® standardized boot loader or we at MicroDEV will develop and customize one for you to cover 100% of your requirements to the project.

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