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Is not about talking. 

Consulting is creating trust, relation and progressive working atmosphere.


To help YOU

For consulting are couple of pre-requisites needed: 

Empathy – understanding your way of working, understanding your strengths and limits, understanding you

Understanding the problem – without capturing the unclarity and bringing it to its core, no solution will be good enough

Technical knowledge – our arena is not politic, it is evidences, solutions, processes and improvements

Experience – best practices are coming not only from technical knowledge, but also from proven in use applications and solutions that works

OUR arenas:

Automotive HW Design

Schematic review

Layout review​​

Component optimization

Safety HW

System Compentences

Safety according to ISO26262

Security according to ISO21434

Software Requirement Specification (SRS)

Automotive SW Development

SW architecture


Safety SW

SW testing & Validation

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